Just wanted to say thanks for doing such a wonderful job trimming my elm and pecan tree this fall. Have not had to worry about any branches falling during this weekend’s ice storm.

They just left a couple minutes ago. Looks great! Very nice and very efficient. Very pleased they did a great job cleaning up. Thank you!!!! Don’t forget to send me the invoice. Lol.

Thank you!
The crew you sent on Tuesday did a bang-up job.
My mother-in-law said the lead guy in the tree was an “artist” with a chain

Good morning Andy.I just  wanted to let you know the guys did an amazing job yesterday. I’m so happy. And they cleaned everything thoroughly!! I would recommend you all to anyone!!! I can’t wait to get the rest of my trees done.Thanks again.
Hello Hannah, The work you all did on our trees was fantastic. We were very pleased with your work and crew.I am emailing because I have not received a final invoice for the work done.Please let me know how I can go about taking care of my payment.

Holy cow, my trees look amazing! Thanks!

 Your company did an amazing job on my tree. I have had my trees trimmed before but it was never this easy or this beautiful. Thank you- AJ

I wanted to thank everyone for the AWESOME JOB they did on the work they performed.Thanks. S

Thank you very much. I am very impressed with Dallas Tree Surgeons – the job they did was really great, and the customer service has been wonderful! We would hire them again in a minute and also refer others.
Thanks again. K

Thank you to the guys for another job well done!!!

This is the third time that I have used DTS and again I am very pleased with the service. I had a tree trimmed and also had a tree removed. the crew arrived when scheduled and when they finished they cleaned up and were gone. The next day Edwin came to grind the stump of the tree that was cut down the day before and he went above and beyond what he was expected to do to get the job done and I do thank him for that! I recommend DTS to all my friends. PB

We can’t thank you enough for the excellent tree-removal work — the crew
worked diligently for hours and left the front yard better than they found
As disappointed as we are at losing a beautiful tree, we’re most grateful
for the professional job by Dallas Tree Surgeons. PD

Amy, Thanks to you and Dallas Tree Surgeons for the great job, you guys are the best!

Your crew did a wonderful job! Thank you very much.K

Just a quick note to let you know that Pedro and Hubert did an outstanding job on the trees. They were very careful and skillful and cleaned everything up afterwards. Really excellent service.
We appreciate your help and I’m sure we’ll be calling again next year as the trees grow again.
Thanks again! D

I’m was very happy with Dallas Tree Surgeons’ work and customer service, and I will certainly be referring you to neighbors and clients.
Thank you, RP

The guys did a great job and the tree looks amazing. Appreciate your efforts and payment will be made immediately. Thank you! PE

Great job from your team! Thanks! R

Thank you so much, you all are great! S

Thanks for doing this. The crew was great and knew their jobs well. I will be mailing the payment by tomorrow. Thanks again. CE

Y’all rock! GG

Hannah, Thank you again for a fabulous tree trimming service! Your payment is on its way to you. KD

Hi Andrea,Thanks for your help. Looking forward to working with again in the future. FL

Hannah,Thank you! The yard looks so much better!Best, S

By the way, your crew did a great job. Exactly what I wanted and no mess. Thanks! DZ

I received the Certificate of Insurance and the guys took out my big tree. It was amazing to watch them work. Especially the guy up in the tree doing the cutting and tying the ropes onto the limbs, etc. I was so concerned because it was so windy but he didn’t seem bothered by that at all! He obviously is very experienced and the crew on the ground was fast and worked SO hard. The fellow who did the stump grinding was obviously experienced too and did a great job.Thanks again for everything. JF

Thank you, we’ll get a check in the mail to you. We are very pleased with your service, the crew did a great job, even with the cleanup. LR

My husband and I are very pleased with the progress being realized with our Magnolia trees. Both were looking sad before Dallas tree Surgeons started treating them. Thank you for your prompt and professional service. DC

Andrea,We were quite pleased with the work Edwin did on our stump grinding. He
did a very nice job and cleaned everything up beautifully. I will refer
any friends or neighbors who need any tree related services directly to you.Best Wishes, B

Cut down and removed 3 enormous cottonwoods at rear of property. One had been damaged by lightning, and the others were not healthy. The work was complicated due to proximity to power lines, and neighbors’ homes. Also trimmed dead branches from an elm tree that was hanging over my house.
It was fabulous. Another well known tree company bid on the work, but they kept me waiting for 2 months and finally said they couldn’t do the work safely. I called 5 other tree companies and they either bid over $11,000 or refused to bid on the job. I called Dallas Tree Surgeons and they were able to give me an acceptable bid and scheduled the work within one week. The workers were wonderful. They arrived on time, kept everything very clean, and all were very courteous. When they finished cutting the trees, they cleaned the yard of every branch and leaf, and ground the stumps into mulch for me.

Excellent. This is the second time I’ve used them. They’re prompt, professional and competitively priced. I can recommend them highly.

The Trees look great and seem happy! T

Very large (30′) tree removed – from a area right next to pool pump equipment and in the corner of a new wood fence AND next to a raised garden bed – in short a tight spot to remove a very big tree. They also took down a 2nd tree (in the 15′ size range) that was very dead and dangerous to work around. In addition they trimmed / removed overhanging branches from along the length of my pool and removed a couple large branches from a 3rd tree in my yard.
Member Comments: I was amazed at the efficiency this crew showed in bringing down the big tree – they carefully, but quickly worked their way through the tree a branch or piece at a time – truly amazing! They did not damage my fence, my pool equipment – they even managed to avoid damage to my decorative plants in the garden. In addition to good quality tree work – they also moved all the branches to the street, and raked up the area when they were finished. Unasked, they also fished out the few small branches out of the pool. I could not believe how completely they cleaned up the work areas.

Thanks for doing such a great job removing our tree and trimming others. JA

 A certifiied arborist with Dallas Tree Surgeons came out to assess our needs and discuss our options. A crew came out on July 19th to do the pruning and a special team came out on the following day to iinstall the bolt and cable. Without the bolt and cable the tree would likely have split in half during a storm. I have been very satisfied with the service and would highly recommend Dallas Tree Surgeons. HP


Thanks for a job well done. Your service was timed perfectly. The day after all of our trees were trimmed a high wind storm blew down large limbs and split the trunk of a 30 year old tree across the driveway. Our trees weathered the blow! Good Job. CO

Thank you for your wonderful work! Will keep your number for next year. LS

You guys did a great job taking down the trees. I was amazed that there was hardly a twig in the yard afterwards. I would certainly recommend you. Cody was a pleasure to work with.  JJ

Jade, Your crew did a great job on our trees. It looks fantastic! The guys did a really good job of cleaning up afterwards too. Send me the invoice and I’ll put the check in the mail. Thanks very much for the great price and excellent work. MO

Thank-you for your good, prompt, friendly and clean service. KK

Amy, I just wanted to let you know that your guys did a great job while they were here. They ere extremely polite and very hardworking,. They also did a great job of cleaning up when they were through. They were very thorough and took their time to the the job right. We will defiantly refer anybody we know to you! Thanks we will be contacting you again for business. Thanks again!

Thank you very much for an excellent job as usual. Ill be calling again, next time we need service. Happy 4th of July! JK

Thanks again for your great service. The guys came to my house Friday and did an amazing job. Thanks again, we appreciate it. LO

 You did an excellent, excellent job on trimming our trees. We will recommend your services to everyone! CK

I purchased a property and the trees in it were kind of overgrown so Dallas Tree Surgeons came out and trimmed them.
Member Comments: They did a good job. They came out and gave me an estimate. They came out and did the work. The price was great. They were prompt. They cleaned up every piece of scrap that they cut down from the trees in my yard. I didn’t have to do anything.

 We were very pleased with the quality of work and professionalism we received from Dallas Tree Surgeons. We just purchased this home and the yard is in sad shape 🙁 The trees were extremely overgrown, many dropping debris over our neighbor’s property, so we were very concerned. We couldn’t be there to meet the crew, but they worked ALL DAY to be sure our work was completed. We heard from several neighbors that not only did our trees look great, but that the crew was courteous and considerate. They left the property very tidy, hauling away all the debris as well as sweeping the driveway (and even the roof!). We were very happy and plan to use them in the future.

I think they did a good job. Amy was very responsive and wanted to make sure I was satisfied prior to even sending the invoice. Would strongly recommend.

The crew did an excellent job! kudos!

Thank you, Your guys did a GREAT job! SJ

Thank joy- the trees looks great! GD

Nice Job, guys! RI

Thanks for doing this quickly! I really appreciate it! PT

Thanks Lindsey for all of your work here at my place. Couldn’t be happier. Continues to give me confidence in recommending DTS to my client. SA

Thank you for your service. CS

I just wanted to let you know that the work you did on my trees is FABULOUS! they look absolutely great. JK

Please with the service provided. Very professional! CM

Dallas Tree Surgeons, I just wanted to drop you a quick note with my payment to tell you how pleased I am with the two crews you sent to my house. The first gentleman was here to remove a stump in the backyard. He was very polite and worked carefully. I really appreciated that. It took him a very long time to assess my back yard and I felt bad for him. He didn’t Complain.

The crew who trimmed my trees did good work as well. These two trees were a bit overdue in trimming, and so we talked a lot about what would look best. They asked me if I liked what they had done, I really appreciated that. Both crews cleaned up totally.

I just wanted to you to know that I really appreciate the quality of your crews. Thank you very much. BS

Dallas Tree Surgeons diagnosed a tree we have that has bark falling off and provided an estimate for tree removal. I submitted a request for them to come out to review our tree on their website on a Sunday and they came out Monday morning. I thought I knew what was wrong with the tree and wanted to find out if I was correct and if the tree could be saved. They diagnosed the tree and let me know that unfortunately it could not be saved due to the amount of damage. Then they provided an estimate for tree removal and stump grinding. We cannot have the work performed at this time but will be sure to use them when having the tree removed in the future. KB

Some limbs fell from one of my mighty trees after the DALLAS SNOWSTORM in February, 2010) onto my roof. Amy came out an gave me an estimate. Her crew came on 3/10 and disposed of the huge limbs rapidly and before my eyes they chipped up the trees and they were gone. WE

Arborist Amy came to the house as scheduled and provided an estimate. She explained in detail what was going on with each tree and options. She also provided as estimate on the different options and by item. We could choose to do a little or all of it. I called later and asked a few questions, which she was able to answer over the phone. We scheduled the service, and they came out, again as scheduled. We had 1 very large dead tree and 1 very large dying tree removed close to the house in front and trimming in the backyard. Dallas Tree Surgeons did a great job: the trees came down and everything was cleaned great, all in the morning. I was expecting it to take a while, but it must have only taken hours. When I looked at the yard in the afternoon, the trees were gone/trimmed and the yard was cleaned so well you couldn’t even tell it was recent work, which was a nice surprise. I was expecting saw dust, or a trample lawn, but the lawn looked untouched, with the exception of the removed trees. They were scheduled to grind the stumps a few days later, but weather got in the way. They came back on the next clear day and finished the work. The bill came a few days later in the mail, and it is actually a little under the estimate. We are very happy with the service and plan to use them for future trimming needs. I also REALLY appreciated they came out exactly when scheduled. RC

Your tree trimming crew did an excellent job. If my trees continue to flourish I will contact you again. AC

Thank you for the great Job! LB

I am very pleased at your promptness and good work. I will be very happy to refer you to anyone who needs tree work done. Thank You. DH

Excellent Job!!! We are very Happy! KC

Thank you, Your crews always do a fantastic job! SH

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the job! Andy was wonderful to work with- the guys were nice and friendly and did an awesome job! Thanks so much! LM

 A great big thank you for doing an excellent job- former office personnel who answer the phone and my questions, to Hannah for her promptness and expertise,to Perdo and his crew! Everything was handled with care and from start to finish. I will defiantly recommend your company to my neighbors and friends. GL

Very good job. 100% SATISFACTION! Thanks- GS

My trees look fabulous! Works of Art! KW

Very nice job on both trimming and stump grinding. And really nice crew! P

Thank You! The work they did was very good and thorough. KG

Thanks so much for the outstanding service. I was very pleased with the quality, the speed of getting it scheduled, the speed of getting it done (just in time for the ice storm!) also cleaned up everything nicely–excellent communication and customer service from the initial visit/quote to day of service. The price was also more than fair. Thanks, BR

GREAT JOB! I can not believe how fast the guys were and the result was beautiful! W

Hannah, Thank you and your people for a job week done!!!…Your young men were amazing. Such a strong work ethic in young people is inspiring to see!!–M

I have used Dallas Tree Surgeons every year for 5 or 6 years now. They prune all of my trees, 5 assorted large trees, and do a great job every time. In addition, I have used them for chemical treatment of trees and they perform well with this service too. From the first phone call to the clean up from the job, these guys are good. They give quick estimates and return phone calls very well. I am impressed with how they always talk through the best plan and services they can offer. Quality of pruning is outstanding. They leave the trees looking beautiful and healthy and understand the correct way to trim a tree. Clean up is great too. Job site looked fantastic after they left. MU

As it was our first experience, they sent out one of their certified arborists to help explain the job and ease are concerns. Normally, just the tree trimming crew would have been out there, but they’ve done this so many times that they know exactly what to do as well. But, it was helpful having the arborist out there to show us what they would do and why. They also hauled the debris away. Great service, great price, on-time and cleanup was a bonus! JL

Dear Amy and Lindsey,

I thought your crew did an excellent job of thinning out the interior growth on my four trees and leaving a sufficient canopy to provide the shade needed for the afternoon sun on the house and garden. The crew was very polite and efficient and they did a good job of picking up the debris afterwards. I will be happy to use the service of your firm in the future.

Regards, P

Thank you so much for the fine job you did on my trees. They look fantastic. I am so pleased and you should be proud of your fine work. Magnificent!!! GL

Thanks so much! you did a great job!!! LB

Thank you for the good job. With people like Hannah and Roberto and his team, I plan to be a future customer for my tree work. Great Job! GA

We had a very large hackberry tree that was the last of a stand of 3 trees. The tree was beginning to lean and we decided to have it removed. I called multiple companies with estimates over $2500 before I found Dallas Tree Surgeons. I talked to the office on the phone, made an appointment for them to come out, received an estimate, scheduled the work to be done, and had the tree completely removed and I never saw a person and the entire process was done completely to my satisfaction. I would recommend them to anyone. JW

I was having some new grass planted in my front yard so I needed to have a large Red Oak tree trimmed and the canopy raised in my front yard. The work that Dallas Tree Surgeons was great. They were on-time and the quality was superb. I would definitely recommend Dallas Tree Surgeons to anyone that is need of having one of their trees trimmed. GC

A representative showed up about midday on the agreed date(a Friday). We discussed what I wanted. He made suggestions and gave me a quote. I elected to proceed immediately. The representative said that a crew would be here by the following Friday. They actually arrived on Tuesday (after the 4-Jul-10 extended holiday). All the down hanging branches and deadwood were removed. Cleanup was thorough, only a few twigs remained on the ground. They called the following day to ask whether the work was satisfactory. It was excellent. GM

We used Dallas Tree Surgeons. We had them look at a pine borer beetle infestation, about a month ago.
They were wonderful in identifying the issue and giving us solutions for the same. So, we were able to save money, without having them service it. We felt that it was a wonderful and a very proactive move from their end. Our experience with them was very good. We’ll definitely use them again in the future. DM

Thank you for your great service! Maria Cadic

Hi Brad,
I just wanted to tell you how great the guys did on my trees. They look so much better, Thank you. Nancy Dana

The guys are doing a great job. I’ll use your services again & recommend you to my friends. Rebecca Mandeville

I noticed the Trees this weekend as I was mowing the lawn…GREAT WORK! Trent Kruse

Your guys did a wonderful job on our Trees. They look so much better now. Chris Sherburne

Your guys did great work, so when we need another trimming, we’ll call you, Jim Higgins

Your guys did a great job with my tree! It looks great. Julie Rich

Hi Brad,

Your crew showed up yesterday to take the four trees out of my front yard. I wanted to write to commend them for their hard work and thoroughness. They were careful with the rest of my yard and did an excellent job cleaning up following. They were cheerful and good-natured, even though they’d put in a long-days work. Thanks again for a job well done! Gordon McMillan

Your guys did an incredible job. They worked quickly and neatly, did an extremely thorough job and were very eager to please. We really appreciated it, we have had some problems in the past with crews being somewhat overmatched by the size of our trees. Les Black

Thanks for the great service, and great work on the trees!!!!! Sabrina Perrenoud

Your employees did a great job! My tree and front yard looks completely different. Thanks for the quick service. Mary Jo Stellano

LOOKS GREAT! Finally have sun on the grass! Next project will be the live oak in our back by the garage. We’ll call you to schedule. Thanks! Kelly Sticksel

Your guys were great and very professional. Kim Turner

To whom it may concern:

I’m writing to tell you how impressed and pleased my husband and I are with the customer service and work performed by your company AND Paul and his workers. Paul is wonderful, very knowledgeable and helpful. Patti Oonk

Hi Brad

Your team did such a great job on the tree- it looks great! I am so happy with it. I was blown away with how wonderful it turned out. Also, thank them for re-hanging my bird feeder. It actually took me awhile to figure out it was a new branch! Some people would not have bothered to relocate that.

Hopefully I can call you out soon to do the front tree! Laura Freeman


You all did a wonderful job! The tree looks spectacular. I appreciate the great customer service and the constant communication. Lauren Shermer


Just wanted to take a moment to say that the live oak trim look really fantastic. Totally changes the entire backyard. Ed Cossette

The tree looks great, than you for a good job. Daniel Menchaca

The trees look great, especially the new Redbud. Thanks again. Trisha Smith

Thank you for the great service. The trees look good. Kathy


I just wanted to let you know that we mailed out the check so your payment in on the way. I also wanted to say thank you! We were very impressed with the service and the affordability and we will definitely be referring you to others, Jessica Miller

Thank you so much. My trees look really good. They did a great job. Amy Hock

The tree looks great! Thanks so much! Wayne Maxwell

Wow, you guys did a great job. Thanks! Brian Cooke


The trees look GREAT!!! Now maybe I can get grass to grown in my lawn! Kim

Thanks so much for your prompt service!! Jenny Yager

We were very pleased with the service and will send the payment immediately. Terry Ray


Thank you so much. Your team was so efficient and professional! My yard looks terrific! I couldn’t be happier.

I’ll be calling you in the fall to replace my redbuds and possibly to plant a couple more trees as well. Many thanks, Roxanne McCreery


I just wanted you to know that all six of the crepe myrtles are bursting with leaves now, as well as the two maples in the front.

They all look great. Thank you so much for all the hard work and help. Regard, Linda Steen

Thanks Brad! I am so impressed by how fast you guys work! Everything looks great J I will pay online with a credit card right now.

We’ll definitely call you again if we need any other work done! Have a great weekend. Lisa Hawkins

Brad- just wanted to let you know I arrived home late Friday night (~7:15) and your folks were just completing the cleanup from the tree trimming. The trees looks great. I was pleasantly surprised to see no damage to anything, including the celery and cabbage plants in the garden that were directly below the Pecan Tree.

Many thanks for a job well done. Regard, Keith Appel

I’ve been out of town and got back Saturday evening. Everything looks great and very professional. I have been asked by numerous people in the neighborhood who did the work and have been advertising for you! But the work speaks for iself.Excellent. Justin C. Farris


Just wanted to say thanks for your service. I was impressed with how quickly you all were able to come out and take care of the trees. The crew was professional and did a great job. The trees look wonderful! Rebekah Cooksey

Thank you again for all of your work to date with the community. The trimming along Coit and Hedgecoxe made a drastic difference. Thank you again. Ameer Noarallah

Thanks Brad. They did an excellent job. We’ll be in touch. Kelly Conway

The crew that came out did a wonderful job and we couldn’t be happier. Talk to you next year. Linda McKenty

Thank you! You did a fantastic job on the trees! Debra Thompson


Check is on the way. They did a fabulous job on the trees and on the cleanup. Thanks so much. Diana Ball

We were very pleased with the work that your team did. You did the work before the estimated time, and it was extremely clean and efficient. I would recommend you guys to anyone and would definitely us you again. Geof Clark


Just a note to let you know the crew did a great job on cutting down the tree and clean up. Thanks. Linda Tomlinson

The tree looks wonderful! Thanks again for getting it done so quickly. Traci Reavis

Thanks, you guys did an excellent job. We will use you again! Julie Richie

Thanks for your help and for trimming my trees. It’s a very dramatic difference. Hopefully, my grass will begin to grow now and I won’t have to worry about the trees falling on my house in a storm. Your workers did a good job. They are really hard workers! Debbie Deaton

Thank you for the great job your crew did. They were very professional and I would highly recommend them. Carolyn McClung


The guys once again did a beautiful job. This landscape has probably never looked so good! THANK YOU, obviously you and your employees have a commitment to consistently giving 110%. Please thank them for me. Karen Macvey

Your guys did a great job & they worked very quickly! Julie Kitchings

Just wanted to let you know your crew did a real good job. The trees look great. Tom Skinner


The live oak your guys trimmed yesterday looks really nice. Thanks for the work. Judy Duncan

Dear Dallas Tree Surgeons,

My property just looks so nice. I just love to come home and look at my house! Thank you so much! Sincerely, Danielle Watkins