Trees need nutrients, oxygen, protection from insects and diseases, and sometimes treatment for insects and diseases that penetrate its defenses. But how do you keep track of what your tree needs? Just from a nutrition standpoint, your trees need access to 17 elements! Fortunately, just like your doctor may prescribe treatments to improve your health, our tree doctors (certified arborists) can recommend treatment plans to improve your tree’s health.

Several factors influence which treatments are appropriate for your trees. Older trees may have depleted their soil of available nutrients, and newly planted trees may need a little nutrient burst to help get them successfully established. The soil around your tree has a great influence on how the plant absorbs nutrients. Our urban and suburban soils are often compacted and in need of serious aeration to ensure tree roots aren’t smothered. Sometimes a tree may have been planted too deeply or had too much soil or mulch piled up at its base. Air spading will expose the root flare and decrease the risk of basal rot. And, unfortunately sometimes insects and disease overcome a tree’s natural defenses.

The best way to know what treatment your trees need is to consult the tree experts at Dallas Tree Surgeons. Our certified arborists, along with our treatment specialist, will tailor a plan based on your individual tree’s needs to keep it beautiful and strong far into the future.